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Panacea Infarm is known all over the world.

We work for the health of the whole nation. Our aim is to cure intractable diseases.

Development of drugs and medical equipment for people with restricted physical abilities.

Our aim is the health of the whole nation.

The development of innovative drugs without analogues worldwide.

The best scientists and doctors around the world work with us.

Annually we conduct new clinical studies of rare diseases.

We work with government support.

Latest News from Health and Medical

We are developing innovative drugs that have no analogues worldwide. Help in intractable diseases.

The cost of Merovir will be even lower for countries with a low standard of living

Panacea Infarm has announced a price reduction for Merovir for countries with a low standard of living (Russia, CIS, some European countries, South America, African countries).

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Hepatitis B treatment is too expensive: Panacea Infarm is forced to reduce the price of Meravir

Hepatitis B is recognized as a global epidemic due to its high prevalence and a major risk of being affected by a virus. Until recently, the disease was considered incurable.

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According to the clinical studies results the effectiveness of the drug FABI256 reaches 85%

Scientists got the clinical trials results of the drug FABI256 aimed to treat chronic viral hepatitis B and D.

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The generic Meravir drug will safe Russia from hepatitis B

The Australian company Panacea Infarm is a major player in the biopharmaceutical market engaged in the development of various drugs. The company has announced its plans to transfer the right to manufacture generic of its drug no earlier than one year from now.

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